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  • Farasepehr developing researches and Trade Company assures you that he will preserve all the information that you have entered in the related web site including your name, surname etc. and will not represent them to other individuals without your permission.
  • The site of farasepehr Co. owns a suitable level of security for guarding your personal information and avoiding them from being abused, transferred or disappeared.
  • Farasepehr Co. does not have any responsibility about the contents of those web sites that there links for them in farasepehr web site.
  • In some cases, the web site of farasepehr Co. will probably go through cookies, action tags etc. for preserving information and census. The application of such cases is merely related to secure uses of the company's site and is not in connection with collection of personal information.
  • When your participation with this site is terminated, your personal information will become inactive in the information bank of the company. Obviously, this inactivation does not mean that your information is deleted from the information bank.
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